Blast Cleaning Birmingham

We offer professional blast cleaning services in Birmingham

Blast cleaning is a powerful, safe and efficient cleaning method. The process involves a controlled stream of abrasive material, which is directed at the surface being cleaned. Surfaces caked in years' worth of dirt and grime can be virtually impossible to get clean using manual methods. However, our powerful blast cleaning technology can make many surface look like new!


Based in Aston, Birmingham, Multiabrasive Ltd specialises in blast cleaning for a wide array of products and surfaces including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and glass materials. We have a modern 5000 sq.ft facility equipped with state-of-the-art blast cleaning and de-greasing technology, allowing us to meet all your cleaning and finishing needs.


There are also dedicated blast rooms for shot and bead blasting. We are happy to say the majority of our processes are not only dust-free, but can make surfaces clinically clean. A wide array of blast cleaning options are available including:


  • Glass bead

  • Dry abrasive (sand)

  • Vapour

  • Mist

  • Grit blasting

  • Metal bead

...and more


All these processes are safe and effective with minimal risk of damage. The optimal treatment will depend on the type of surface and its condition. However, if you are unsure which process would work best, simply ask and we will be happy to advise you. Further information on our range of blast cleaning treatments can be found here. 


We offer our services on a one-off or contract basis, with very competitive rates available. Thanks to our experience and the powerful machinery we have on site, we are able to turn around most jobs on the same or next day, keeping waiting times to a minimum.


To find out how we can help with your blast cleaning needs, get in touch with the experts at Multiabrasive Ltd today, or come and see us at our premises in Birmingham. We're confident you'll be impressed by the results we achieve for you.